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Stephen Harrison (UK)

"The thing that immediately strikes me is the vocals of Anna Davies - so bluesy and sultry with a hint of rasp. On hearing this EP, I can't wait until this band releases an album full of songs like this. Great blues with feeling."

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Jos Verhagen (Netherlands)


"Anna Davies' voice has a dark soulful character with a nice raw rock edge. Joe Lambert sounds fresh and on a swinging bass run by Roger Stone, the title track “Silver lining” is a nice opener of this EP that contains four songs. A bit slower in tempo is “Oh My”, but Anna Davies takes this up a notch, she articulates her lyrics crystal clear. The interpretation of the guitar is supportive and nowhere screaming knowing where the emphasis is in this song. Joe Lambert knows his stuff, however, the way he opens the slow blues "Fool" is strong. Here too it is Anna who grabs you with her excellent singing technique and emotions. You can feel the pain in this song, with Joe's guitar solo reinforcing that feeling. In “War Cry” the strength of the three previous songs comes together, the strong vocals, that refined guitar work and the swinging bass. It makes this EP a business card to look forward to a full album and live performances. Are there any festivals with a hole in the programming, take advantage of it. Anna Davies & the Sinnerman deliver a fine piece of blues."

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Clive Richardson (UK)

"Anna Davies and the Sinnermen launched last year with the impassioned and energetic ‘Silver Lining’ and now present an EP including that track and the more overt blues - soul of ‘Fool’, a moody and intense song with wordy lyric, tinging guitar solo and crisp snare beat. ‘Oh My’ maintains the tempo but with added urgency in delivery and ‘War Cry’ closes a very listenable set.” 



Peter Marinus (Netherlands)

"An EP should make you feel good for an artist's upcoming album. And that is exactly what happens on the EP 'Silver Lining' by the British band Anna Davies & the Sinnermen. Four songs that will definitely make you want more from this band!"

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